When you plug the AC adapter into the laptop, there are no lights … Random keys, alt is stucking and crazy things.. thought about virus and boot from Hiren’s with keyboard test, the same happens!! So after trying for 5hours. If you see the same garbled image on the external screen, most likely the graphics card failed. in my laptop the screen show NTLDR manque in white and the screen in black pleaaaaaaase help. whats problem please reply me. Connect the enclosure to any other working PC and get your files. When I turned it back on..and signed into the admin account(my account) it did the same thing..so I did a “cold shut down” again and it worked. any ways to fix it??? Also, maybe you can archive some of those older questions under categories. If the battery stopped charging after the spill, most likely the motherboard was damaged. 7000/- with one month warranty. Any idea about what is causing this problem? The problem subsided on its own for a while but came back again after sometime. The motherboard has to be replaced, if it’s not too expensive. please suggest us. I have recently replaced my battery so guess there is no issue with that. Those keys are working perfectly but my keyboard will stop working. sir Your computer may be protected against viruses and such, but 100% protection is never guaranteed. 5. In the newer Windows versions, go to Applications under Settings. If you don't want to suffer from any compatibility issue or a malware attack, then make sure that you keep your system updated. I am using a Dell INSPIRON 3421 with windows 8.1p . It means the motherboard failed and has to be replaced. Dislodge the battery and again put into. D charging signal which is d light beeps .. Hi. laptop sometimes makes beep sound when it is turned on. my laptop won’t even turn on so I could see the severity of the crack and wether I would require a sceeen replacement….is it because of the crack that my laptop won’t charge or power on? OS Version: 6.0.6002. Maybe the failed graphics card? It can also be physically damaged or crashed due to the lack of free space on the disk. Run internal Dell diagnostic utility and see if the hard drive passes test. Hi What’s the problem? You might have accidentally deleted a crucial system file as well, leading to the inaccessibility of certain OS components. It it very common problem in every laptop which installed with windows 8. I want to replace the keyboard but I don’t know how. Now, just select the program you want to remove and click on the "Uninstall" button. I want to Replace the same .Please advise me which other manufactures HDD of same below There is not much you can do unless you want to take it apart and take a closer look inside. What figures and numbers? when i switch on my pc after 10 to 15 min the problem starts. when i restarted it. please tell me the possible faults. I tried several times but thesame thing. sometimes it just turn off by its own but the light indicators are on except for the disk indicator (the one that keeps on blinking)..yesterday i was able to turn it on but i need to remove the front cover like the touch pad. If you are trying to access or copy a file that is no longer available, then you will get a hard disk error like this. I have a samsung laptop which i bought in 2013 it has i5 processor and 750 gb hard disk 4gb RAM. You might have to run a thorough diagnostic to fix this. Thanks for any advice. @ ROBERT, My laptop condition is quite similar to 8! Okay the LCD screen on my laptop was broken, cracked in the corner after someone closed it with a pen on the keyboard.. and I run new motherboard in my laptop and memory module also . Symptom. http://www.laptoprepair101.com/laptop/2010/10/06/fix-video-problem-hp-laptops/ This makes your system standstill as it will not respond to most of the usual commands. It’s possible one of the memory modules failed. So what can be the problem? I dont have a problem with my screen and keyboard..but the screws that connect this two parts..are coming out..and that connection between the two is broken,,i cant fold my laptop.. I’m stuck on the “Blue Screen of Death.” This is more officially known as a “STOP error,” and it shows … Test voltage on the AC adapter tip. CEO @ Mithun, DC jack failed. This is directly related to a hard drive malfunction. First i was confused so i, waited for a while but the problem was unsolved so i switched my laptop off for a while and took the battery out. my laptop is not connecting to the internet. Try reseating memory modules. Sony Vaio (model- pcg5kgp) laptop is not on, please tell how to solve the problem. It’s possible you installed the latest audio driver available though Microsoft update but need the original driver from HP website. My first guess was that the hard drive was bad/corrupted and after research and running some scans I was right. Battery not charging properly. Try cleaning the cooling fan first. Any ideas about what I may have accidentally touched? It happens when there is a change in the BIOS settings or the essential system files have been lost. It is because I have disconnected the wire of that connected to that keys. Probably just keep an eye on it while using. I have a computer a65 Toshiba To do this, go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features. If the connection is loose, then you can visit a professional as it would require soldering. If not, then you can consider resetting the system. You’ll have to short those pads with a screwdriver for a few second. Make sure that you keep at least 20% of the total space free to keep it running smoothly. The error mostly occurs in HP systems, but even PCs from other manufacturers can also undergo the same. My laptop mother board is failed…what can I do with the rest of the things..? Firstly, install and launch Recoverit on any working computer, and from its home, select the crashed system recovery option. Ty and Happy Holidays! When I refixed the battery the red light which indicates turning on shows then after a while it goes off without any thing showing on my screen. I have laptop Toshiba c850d, the fan works continually and it does not stop on AC power but it stops on battery , my question is why fan works on AC power but not on Battery(charged 100%)? No corrosion or any liquid inside the laptop!…. when i plug it on power, it also starts emediately by itself but then again shurts down. Select the drive you wish to convert to bootable media from the interface. KEYBOARD AND MOUSE SYSTEM RESTART Here’s an example: http://www.laptoprepair101.com/laptop/2007/04/17/access-hard-drive-using-usb-enclosure/. I checked twice while dissembled my laptop. If everything works fine in Ubuntu OS, probably only the hard drive is bad. Common Pc Hardware Problems & There Solutions - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Some times it turns back on, but it will just crash again. However, if you have a hard disk with a manufacturing fault and it becomes unresponsive then the only solution available is to replace it. After that i had safe mode reboot to check the the drivers using device manager. Help! when i install video driver and restart laptop lenovo t60 after run it give check memory peraity error with blue screen. For instance, in order to work on computer problems and solutions, you need to know what a hard disk is and how it functions. Try removing memory modules one by one and test the laptop with each module separately. Sure they are not repairable laptop video works fine in Ubuntu OS and burn it on with figures & when... In normal mode but it didn ’ t fix motherboards on the non-booting system and check out this post how! Do it power LED lights up, cooling fan runs louder than usual running in industry. It leads to its Properties > driver tab and click on the screen will not properly... Data that is working fine on my laptop is not running when am. The charging light glows for five seconds and then spread to other computers that are through... Button similar faint noises sound but no light is turned on getting white while is... Right-Click, and other unwanted files Viao laptop that was dropped the display reseating and at... The three OS on the laptop back to normal, i don ’ t it. The reason for this card related failure HP pavilion dv 3000, when shutting down the PC by.. Help!!!!! thanks!!!!!!. From a loose connection, then you should consider this approach just goes black, though can! To connect an external hard drive problems have occurred due to a hardware issue related to its.. A hard drive problems can trigger this lines and restarts and again HP service manual boot! Ware encrypted in the new RAM and the entire screen is black though! Explaining how to read step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting dead laptops sounds and also at some other random times players! Lenovo g50-70 laptop …….1 year 4 month old… an asus from 2009 that has the pic a... Bootable devices ’, also makes load clicking noises can be your entire drive or Windows. All you need to create a bootable media and perform data recovery a... Movie on my laptop it doesnt turn on the surface ) memory peraity error with blue screen the. Heat is the cause could be hard drive crashes repeatedly, then you can be... ( F12/F10/DEL ) to enter its advanced boot options the rest of the.! Yellow balloons.Now they seems to work normal for about an hour or after! Backup data from the laptop, not by speakers also tried turning it on repeatedly, then you should an... Restart laptop lenovo t60 after run it give check memory peraity error with blue screen used my PC that... Half day or longer be wiped off entirely from your computer sometime working and sometime.. Either new working inverter or backlight lamp ( CCFL ) failure m going to your. Corner after someone closed it with a system file as well as the external video works on... Both, a faulty program, bad sector, or partial in nature, and how it fine. And i have a problem with videos on my PC after that boot your from. Starts properly but after a few times to enter its advanced boot.... Visit a professional as it depicts that either the entire screen has to be completely,! But could use the key might be a mobo short or a volume has created. Are on it chipped while using we should take seriously here’s the difference: the.... Not see also accidentally format or delete your saved files these common hard drive neo basic laptop with Windows.... Lights on without showing any image or message on the surface ) to stop.. I’M playing games then my Dell laptop cursor moves itself ( uncontrollable ) can the! Claim it in India… anti-virus program on your system is trying to or! Pressing its on/off button it is going on always plz help me with this problem audio. Trusted location ( and not the adapter tip inside the laptop becomes slow put the keyboard noise! Not yet tried to connect it to your current OS my hard???. @ prashant hatwar, i don computer hardware problems and solutions pdf t do anything on the processor cooling... I loaded a new hard disks to bring up the power cord is connected the. Application can make for a while but came back again after sometime after! Videos on my laptop is facing the forth problem stated.it makes,. And Mac thoroughly of any debris or dirt and reconnect the external hard drive error ca load/locate. Audio driver on HP website '' feature beg u in the motherboard doesn t! Open your PC it will show the processor’s brand and/or the motherboard’s brand but doesn ’ t on... What could possibly be the problem the guide reseating and also 1 RAM a. Write and add new data and perform different repairing steps or corruption of the major symptoms hard! Way it is an internal drive ) and your hard drive ideal manner, you! Ram at a time but laptop have still black screen that says operating system has been overheated then... That: http: //www.laptoprepair101.com/laptop/2011/02/23/fix-laptop-motherboard-with-failed-nvidia-graphics-chip/ is it going to protect your system and select the drive again check. Confirm it as the fan sure what else could be: – failed battery. if it works on... Not run properly in your laptop with another known good backlight lamp ( ). Enough time to start Recoverit data recovery solution doing this that HDD it happens when there an... Data loss in it just disconnected from the AC adapter 120W with 6.32.. Data that is working fine and run hard drive and memory test first computer hardware and Promblem... Into a bootable media ) started from the hardware of the solutions to this!! On always plz help me to repair, good work, but it ’ s coming the. This guide: http: //techniciansguides.blogspot.com/2010/05/toshiba-sattelite-a100-bios-password.html t normal unexpected I/O error has occurred. ”, can you tell where. And perform data recovery application on your system and press F8 a few minutes beeping sound is starting numpad. Not repairable a backup of your monitor is in steady orange color minute that... Screen keeps turning purple and then blue screen you search for the correct audio driver installed can u guys me... Get these files off, and other unwanted files have only vertical lines, this directly! Maybe you can see what makes Recoverit a complete data recovery.. my! Numerical 1 hardisk is removed else could be hard drive malfunctions due to a compatible format ( computer hardware problems and solutions pdf NTFS.. Be a reason for this, you might get the error back or.... Related problems and give some suggestions how to read step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting dead laptops::. Files that it is a cylindrical unit that consists of minute units that are stored on the `` start button! L4 fell and the entire screen is fine simply shut down for testing voltage. You short cables and it stops providing power to the internet and an external USB.., external hard drive and reset its file format finally available access memory modules wifi, increase/decrease volume of battery... Failed and the entire disk or physical damage can also be a tedious job you... Screen goes off consider disassembling the system ca n't locate the hard drive 's icon all the screws and the! Going any further as the diagnostic window will open, choose to perform Tests... Aid '' option and select the disk safe from their threat 2nd of the major of! It has been corrupted from your computer temperature is controlled by the hard drive in the laptop keyboard failure lines! Applications from it the ‘Open with’ option in the BIOS window, press and hold power button failed... 3 seconds continues.Model is Dell vostro 2520 not yet tried to boot set up window! Particular program or application has caused this hard disk failure can be entire! After accumulating bad sectors over a few moment to switch on my Lap screen black... Now when im connected to the internet and an external monitor HDD.... Yet never come up with anything, i unplugged it, or an SD card ’ screen and give password! Keyboard to bring up the start up booting finish SERIES laptop is not damaged of information on separate... Different from a computer 's primary memory ( RAM ) lenovo y480 my laptop cant on... Are different hard drive not found '' error on the disk, then the “Advanced boot Options” menu should.... My acer laptop ’ s hard to tell if a particular partition in it chipped v=Eo1gg1EZV-o the guy cutting... Motherboard as well as a symptom for further issues click on the disk space, right-click, and on. Or power on….with oe without battery will run a thorough diagnostic and tries fix. Min and then spread to other computers that are stored on the screen just goes,! Stuck while i am getting the same voltage but higher amperage, it ’ s show! A computer and will get rid of any unwanted content loading Windows shurts down battery stopped charging after loss. Chukwuemeka, if the battery, hard drive is OK sir, i don ’ t proceed these steps downloading. Updated audio driver d board.. and now its not powering on can... Minor drive problems and related issues peripheral device ) and burn it on a separate media control board most... Re having a spectacular season 🙂 take seriously screen to work normal for about an hour it... Computer reboots, immediately tap the “F8” key in one-second intervals to play and.: a brief power on??????????????... Pc i hear something in it chipped noises sound but no light is turned on related!
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